My Unique Story.

The birthplace of my mother Antigone, from the side of her father, my grandfather Nikos Rizos. Even nowadays, when I walk the narrow alleys of the island where I spent my childhood summers, when elder locals respond to my hello, with the characteristic question “who’s your family?”, they give me a loving smile when I explain to them who I am, and then a short conversation takes place on how I resemble my mother and have her eyes and the same voice.

Kythnos was known since ancient times for its thermal springs, the exploitation of which began during the reign of King Othon when the healing properties of the springs were established. The existence of these thermal springs brought my grandmother Eleftheria to Kythnos. They would visit the island every summer from Egypt where they lived, and my grandmother, who had lost her mother at a very young age, accompanied her aunt Iphigenie, who came from Smyrna, for her baths. One summer, my grandmother, then in her teens, fell ill and had to be examined by the young doctor of the island, my grandfather Nikos. They fell in love, got married and lived together, literally in love, for 64 years. They stayed together in Kythnos for over 20 years; my grandfather, riding on a donkey, the only available means of transportation at that time, visited everyone across the island, exercising his duties as a doctor and serving his fellow citizens of Kythnos to their needs. During those years, my grandmother, apart from taking care of the household and their family, assisted my grandfather in his medical duties and passed on to the young girls of the island her knowledge and skills of weaving, embroidery, cooking and general housekeeping. In fact, shortly before she passed away, she sewed costumes made according to the standards of the local tradition and donated them to the local cultural association for future use.

Ever since we were very young, our parents took me and my brother to Kythnos to spend our holidays, and we got to love the island the same way that our mother does. I remember how, in those early years, the boat would reach the port of Loutra. People had to embark on boats that took us ashore. Everything looked so beautiful on the island. The crystal-clear sea and the sun that reflected on the all-white paving stones that made the smiling faces of the inhabitants, despite their rugged life in the fields, so bright! The best vacation city children could ask for. Which is the case, even today!

One of the most intense highlights in my memories was the excitement me and my brother felt when Mr. Savvas would arrive with his wife Adrianna, to help our grandmother with the household; thus, we were given the opportunity to ride their donkeys, Boulis and Pipis, which we adored. We learned how to caress their soft muzzles and their ears, whispering our childhood secrets to them and finding out what words they would listen to in order to start walking or the characteristic sound you had to make to get them to stop. Would you think donkeys could play hide and seek or hug a human? And their thunderous voice that echoes all over the island, even today makes me laugh as I did back then! Every year we returned with the anticipation of finding the donkeys waiting for us and playing with them.

Every year I return to my beloved Kythnos, sense the distinct smell of thyme the moment I get off the boat of arrival, visit the beaches where I dive in their incomparable waters and which I find extremely difficult to give up, to find my childhood friends with whom we spent our summers in the alleys of Hora, walk the painted alleys and breathe the fresh air.


The above story is an answer to questions like why Kythnos, why the donkey in our logo, why the effort to support the actions of the locals. The goal is the support and promotion of products and services to and from the island, with the participation and cooperation of all stakeholders, in order to sustainably develop and meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. We believe the results will be of such high level that Kythnos will remain throughout its development a pole of attraction for quality tourism, utilizing every resource that will make it the ultimate holiday destination, all year round.

This effort is based on three main pillars: the economic, the environmental and the social. Because only by respecting our past will we be able to build our future.

The Unique Team.

Ι am Julia Vagiani.

My journeys began before I was even born, when my pregnant mother brought me to Greece from Libya, where they were living with my father. I was taken to the U.S. a few months after my birth, where my father would be working and returned a few years after.

I’m not sure if any of the aforementioned factors contributed to my passion of travel. In my “former life,” as I like to call it, I traveled to several nations and continents on business, and I was fortunate to witness firsthand how each location utilizes and accentuates what it has to offer in order to attract people and generate tourist traffic. In addition to work, I made sure to incorporate the search for new experiences that result in the creation of impressions on each of my excursions. As a result, the experiences were even more enjoyable, as I met new people and formed friendships that have remained to this day.

I first visited Kythnos when I was very young, and every time I return, I experience a new and unique story.

After completing my education, I studied tourism management and I was fortunate enough to begin my practical employment in a newly opened hotel in Loutra in Kythnos.

Soon after, my work path shifted to business development, beginning with sales and marketing and progressing through global emerging market development, mergers and acquisitions, situation leadership, project management, change, and people, with a heavy focus on digital media.

I’ve spent the last five years in Greece. After seeing Europe and the U.S., I spent four years in Asia before coming home.

By nature, I am optimistic, persistent and definitely with a strong consciousness, which was activated with the occasion of the pandemic and in combination with the abrupt landing and facts that I had to re-negotiate, set off the trigger which created the space and freedom which allowed the set up of the idea in motion, make the decision and pursue the dream that had been postponed for many years.After all, healthy living is derived from the peace of soul, mind and heart. It is derived from laughter, love, friendship and travel.
And so, together with loved ones, it’s time to take action for a favorite location.

I hope to have you with me on this journey, to become friends if we aren’t already and to introduce you to Kythnos island, in the hopes that you will love it, as much as I do.

Together with my team, we stand committed to provide high end services in areas of marketing and communication, travel, events and entertainment. Our mission is to create a unique story in Kythnos for each of our customers and partners and deliver the least expected.


Welcome and thank you for being here!


Founder and Inspirer of Your Unique Story.

My Unique Team is represented by professionals with specialties in most sections offered, including Legal, Insurance, Tourism, Customer Retention, Communication, Web & Social Media, Translations, Music Entertainment, Photography, Videography & drone deploy, Automotive, Sailing, Chefs, Bartenders, Life coaches and Well being masters.