Not sure how I can fit in a few hundred words an island, its beauties, its tastes and smells but also all the other senses it engages you with, from the moment the boat door opens

Dimitris (Soumas) Vlastaris. My neighbor next door. Each time we meet, he has a story to tell. For the times when he was young, when he went to school with my mom, how he met his w

Why is an event planner important? Event management is successful when you plan every element of your event from start to finish. You can come up with ideas for your event, and wit

IT’S PERSONAL. Approaching care in a simple way: free up your time and reduce your stress by removing these dreaded to-do lists from your daily routine. With over 30 years of per

Hospitality management is a career path that typically falls into hotels, resorts and the overall accommodation industry. Professionals in this field create and manage many aspects