Other Marketing Services

We manage with Quality.

We plan with Reliability.

We design with Value.

We promote with Satisfaction.

We create your own unique story in Kythnos.

Dedicated to offering unique personalized services tailored to your requirements and interests.

Digital Marketing & Promotion Activities

We create the “umbrella” that supports the promotion of the products or businesses of Kythnos through digital technology, operating on behalf of companies that aren’t able to do so themselves due to lack of time or specialized staff.

We use methods that aim to reach the customer base, in order to attract their attention and achieve the sale.

Our proposals are tailored to the needs of each service or company.

We support the training of companies’ staff in Kythnos, we provide cooperation with well-trained and reliable support consultants, organize corporate seminars, and offer advice concerning professional development and orientation.

Marketing & Communication

Marketing your future today!

The unique approach that supports all promotions for products or services through digital technology on behalf of companies that do not have the time or skilled staff, with the use of methods that target and reach the right users, so as to share the purpose and achieve the sale. Proposals tailored to the needs of each service or business.

Highly focused on promoting local products, businesses that operate by selling own pure products, entrepreneurship development support for the protection of the natural, man-made and cultural environment, through the development of collaborations with research institutes and other bodies in Greece and abroad.

Sustainable Development & Circular Economy

Our aim is to do all the above activities by utilizing the economic, human, social and natural resources of Kythnos. Some key points are: special tourist infrastructures (including tourist shelters, marinas, etc.) and their protection with sustainable management of coastal systems; the protection and promotion of the cultural heritage of our island; the utilization of new technologies for the networking, service and promotion of Kythnos; the development and promotion of local agricultural production; alternative forms of tourism (tourist, sports, cultural, hiking, etc).

We believe that sustainable tourism development is the main factor of sustainability and development of small islands that will effectively utilize the existing infrastructure and the necessary future infrastructure and will ensure a balanced and sustainable relationship between tourism and the natural environment. We have open channels of communication for joint actions with the Municipality of Kythnos & the local Associations, as well as agents of the wider Cyclades, for offering support, finding solutions, and assisting in the management of relevant activities.

We work in ways that benefit the society of Kythnos and protect its people.