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Unique Kythnos Stay


Your own private resort in secluded spots across Kythnos, designed to blend architecture and space with the natural beauty of the island for you and your loved ones’ exclusive use.


Available for theme getaways, honeymoons and other special occasions. The ideal arrangement for enjoying alone time in your own space.

A diverse selection is only a click away!


Inquire about transportation, lodging, and entertainment assistance, as well as a wide range of travel, lodging, and entertainment options whether you come alone, as a couple, family, or small group. We provide advice, ideas, and organize your stay so that you can have a unique and revealing experience of Kythnos, whether you want to spend your vacation in luxurious facilities or choose accommodation in a traditional type of house or studio.

Learn about Kythnos and explore the island like a local.
We value your wishes, whether you are on vacation or on business in Kythnos; everything is tailored to your needs.


Request delivery of supplies and groceries, dining suggestions and reservations in restaurants or taverns, special event planning, private chefs and bartenders, beauty treatments, gift baskets and courier services, as well as a plethora of other professionals dedicated to helping you get the most out of your stay.


Simply let us know what you need!

Unique Kythnos Experiences

Choose from different Unique Investments during your stay.
Discover through the paths, the hidden chapels, see the traditional farmhouses and get to know the locals during their daily activities, agriculture, animal husbandry, beekeeping, cheese making and experience sustainable fishing practices.

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Unique Kythnos Activities

You can visit the Kythnos Cave and hike to the Ancestral Paths! Allow us to assist you with a babysitter or children entertainers while you have your private Yoga Instructor and enjoy Shiatsu & Thai Massage sessions.

Choose from Kayaks, Scuba Diving, or Snorkeling as Beach Activities. Yachts, sloops, and speedboats are ready to take you on a tour of the island or to hop in to another if you’re looking for a different alternative during your stay.

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