Welcome to Kythnos!

Welcome to Kythnos!

Not sure how I can fit in a few hundred words an island, its beauties, its tastes and smells but also all the other senses it engages you with, from the moment the boat door opens and you inhale an aroma mixture of m thyme, fennel, sage with salt and sea air, but I will try to convey to you all the love I have for this place, through the following.

The island is only accessible by ferry. There are ferries to Kythnos from Piraeus which take you about 3 hours and from Lavrion port which is less than 2 hours. You can visit also from other islands in the Cyclades. The closest airport is in Athens which is only 30 minutes from Lavrion port. Of course, you can rent a yacht or a speed boat, even a helicopter if your budget allows it, since there is a helidrome on the island.

Kythnos is growing fast with tourism the last few years, with the advantages of proximity, natural quiet beaches, relaxing landscape and picturesque villages.

The accommodation proposals are still growing due to the popularity of the island and the investments strive to provide availability in the high season months but also over time for all budgets. Prices and offerings range from traditional houses, hotels, suites, villas or private studios and apartment rooms, there is a wide range to choose from.

Activities are developing and  you can go kayaking, do yoga on the beach or in private, go island hopping with speed boats or sail around the island with a yacht, go hiking, scuba, snorkeling or take pottery classes.

Kythnos has approximately 100 beaches formed like a surrounding lace that creates shores, coves, bays and hidden tiny beaches
to explore and enjoy from organized with beach bars to literally tranquil “deserted feel like” points, that can’t be seen from above.  Others accessible by car, others by boat or by foot, from white irregular pebbles, crispy sand with tamarisk trees to cast a shadow or totally bare for those who enjoy the foreplay of the Greek sun! Just the view of the rocky surrounding, the sun peeking through, the whiter whites, the brown and greys glowing metallic blue, crystal clear transparent turquoise blue waters, one can find at least one beach to call his favorite. The most famous beach of the island, Kolona, which took its name from the shape of the wide sand beach that divides the sea in two and connects the island with the island of Agios Loukas, is crowded by boats that visit it from spring to autumn, remains as a highlight attraction.  Apokrousi beach, one of the longest beaches with armirikia (tamarisk) trees that offer shade, a couple of beach bars one on the side and another in the middle of the beach, two tavernas to serve your appetite if you decide to stay all the way till the mesmerizing sunset. The road allows access for all types of cars and motorcycles and that makes it very attractive, especially for the last swim before you catch the return ferry!

Bars & cafes are in every town the island has from your arrival to the port to Chora café bar or brunch to Loutra café on the beach


Eating on the island is an exploration in itself. From having breakfast at traditional cafenio (coffee shop) eating pies (cheese pie with fresh eggs, local cheese and fennel) and kolopi (horta/green vegetable pie), buy handmade pasteli (sesame and honey sweet) and amigdalota ( soft, rose-scented almond cookies) to delicious deserts, fresh fish, mediterranean seafood, traditional taverns with handmade products of their own production and breeding, to the most modern restaurants with gastronomic suggestions, Kythnos covers all tastes! Not to be missed, the delicious taste of local lemon juice pork, the remarkably unforgettable red sauce goat, ambelofasoula (green long been salad) which you could sense the chlorophyl tingling your mouth, (saliagous) snails cooked in onion red sauce, a plate of the famous sfougato a kind of small cheese ball croquette made with local cream cheese – and of course the caparosalata (caper salad mash) a mouthful of gourmet in its most simple form!

Visit Panagia (Holy Mother) Kanala church, which is the patron saint of Kythnos to worship, light a candle in her icon which is considered miraculous and admire the temple and the location. Other churches and chapels can be visited, especially if your visit falls on a celebration of a saint and the local panigiri (festivity) it’s worth going and mixing with the locals, to enjoy the traditional music, dances, food and wine offered.

Katafiki cave is believed to be one of the biggest caves in Greece and was first encountered in the 1830s. It has unique and interesting stalagmites and rock formations. Till 1939, it was used as an iron mine and locals used it to keep food cool, but also as a place of gathering and celebrations. Located in Driopida, it’s worth visiting if you find it open to public.

In Chora you will find the Folklore Museum, in a traditional house with an extensive collection of the traditional setting of how household, clothes, furniture and significant folk-art objects. The exhibits provide an idea of the life in the past and has a historical significance.